Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Dads -- you matter...more than you know!!

My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, “You are tearing up the grass.”  “We’re not raising grass,” Dad would reply. “We’re raising boys.”
~Harmon Killebrew

Loving this quote this Father’s Day because when I read it I picture a “hands-on dad,” one that plays rough house, packs lunches, puts in a mean pony tail, and reads to his children every night.  Every child deserves a father like him. Fathers play such a crucial role in the development of our children as individuals. Here are some interesting facts I found today when reading about Dads:

·      Children with involved, nurturing, and playful fathers have on average higher IQ’s, better linguistic and cognitive capabilities, and increased school readiness.
·      Children with involved fathers from birth are emotionally secure to confidently explore their surroundings and have better peer interaction, as they become older children.
·      The rate of depression in school-aged children is much lower if the relationship between child and father is a good one.
·      Children with involved fathers are 70% less likely to drop out of school
·      Nearly 3/4 of married dads consider themselves equal parenting partners with their wives, while 69% feel that dads are changing to meet the needs of this new world.

If you are a father, blessed with children, and haven’t yet discovered the natural joys of quality time with your children, these statistics are worth reading. Kids need their dads.

Let’s face it; the picturesque father-child fishing trip is not possible on a weekly basis but guess hat? Children don’t need that. They need a regular consistent time carved out for them and their dad, with the benefit of his undivided attention.  This may be as un-magical as a weekly trip to drop off recycling, an evening walk after dinner, 15 minutes of reading every night and a weekly trip to the library, or taking over bath duties.  Use it as time for conversation.  If you have an infant – babble away. If you have an older child, ask them questions. What do they want to be when they grow up? What was the best thing about their day? Where would they like to go on a family trip? Whatever works for your schedule, find the time and activity, and do what you can to guard and protect it from anything getting in the way. It matters to your children more than you know.  

I know that in today’s world, more people than not come from a home or are raising children with a single parent. If this is your case, don’t despair. Seek out a positive fatherly role model for your child and let he or she spend time with that person that you trust.  Day to day family interactions and activities may be more powerful for your child to experience with this special guy than a big exciting trip or activity. My husband had the opportunity to witness a loving and present grandfather and pastor who helped shape him into a husband and father I am so proud of. People other than biological fathers make a difference in children’s lives every day.

That being said, things are changing in our world. Did you know that 1/5 of all single parent households are now headed by fathers?  That’s over 2 million single dads, making up a trend that is rising 2 times faster than the number of single mothers. This new group of fathers is doing what a large number of single mothers have done for years – doing it all!

The bottom line is that children benefit from strong father and mother figures in their lives. Sometimes we have to be creative and think outside the box to provide this. Sometimes, as mothers, we need to surrender “the control” and let Dad regularly plan the activities for the day. Sometimes, single parents have to seek out and trust other positive role models to support themselves and their children. And sometimes, grandparents are reliving their roles as parents to grandchildren in their care. Whatever your picture looks like, know that Dads (whoever may take on that role), matter. They matter a lot. George Herbert said in Outlandish Proverbs in 1640, “One father is more than 100 Schoolmasters.” I couldn’t agree more.

So to all the dads out there, go for it! Enjoy those kids before they grow to fast. Sit on the floor and PLAY today. And for all of you who are Mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles or friends playing the role of dad on a daily basis, good for you.  I’ll thank you for your children now, knowing they will thank you as they grow!

Happy Fathers Day! Enjoy your day!


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