Monday, September 19, 2011

Tips From the Trenches

I look forward every month to receiving my Parents magazine.  I enjoy perusing the pages for many reasons:  cute crafts, kid-friendly recipes, articles on discipline and medical issues.  But the monthly article I most look forward to is “It Worked For Me!”, where moms (and dads) send in easy, almost common sense, solutions to everyday problems or share their creative tips on everything from getting your kid to eat broccoli to potty training successes.

This month Parents is celebrating their 85th anniversary.  So in celebration of their milestone, they compiled 25 of their best “It Worked For Me!” tips for this month’s magazine.  There are some really good ones that I couldn’t wait to share with our readers!  So just in case you don’t receive the magazine or if you haven’t had time to read your copy yet, I sifted through the top 25 and created my top 10.  Hope you find something creative and practical to make your life and your family’s life a little easier!

*To prevent ice cream from dripping through the bottom of a sugar cone, push a marshmallow into the bottom of the cone.  It will soak up the drips and be a yummy surprise when the kids reach the end of the cone!

*To help motivate uninterested potty trainers, put a few drops of food coloring in the toilet bowl water.  Change up the colors so it is a surprise each time your little one visits the potty and before long they will potty trained and know their colors!

*To save your children’s artwork, laminate it and use it as placemats.  This can help you hold onto their masterpieces and give you back some wall space.

*Use bathtub decals, wrapped around the pedals of your child’s bicycle, to prevent his feet from slipping off.

*Use clean Frisbees, turned upside down, as your child’s plate.  The rim of the Frisbee will help them scoop and push food onto their utensils more successfully.

*To help your soap dispenser dole out the right amount of soap for little hands, wrap a rubber band around the neck of the dispenser so the pump will only go down half way.

*To help your child transition from the crib to a regular sized bed, put the mattress on the floor.  If they fall out in the beginning, they will only fall a few inches to the floor.  After a few weeks add the box spring, then the bed frame.

*To quiet an extra noisy toy, cover the speaker with painter’s tape.  The tape reduces the volume and it can be removed without leaving behind a sticky residue.

*Place a pool noodle, cut to the appropriate length, under your couch to block toys from getting lost.

*Store the baby wipes container upside down every so often to re-moisten the top wipes and keep the wipes on the bottom from getting too soggy.


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