Monday, January 9, 2012

"Using Toys to Support Infant-Toddler Learning and Development"

This is a great article we wanted to share from the National Association for the Educaiton of Young Children.  The article explains how simiple, everyday household items can be interesting and beneficial toys for little ones.  It reminds us to choose our kids' toys based upon the basic principles of child development and the role of play, not popularity or price.  Toy companies want us to think the most expensive toy that sings the most songs and has the most lights is going to be what's best for our child's development.  But that is not so.  Children often find more basic toys, often homemade ones, more intriguing because their minds are challenged.  So read on, and rethink what is in your child's toy box.

My nephew and daughter enjoying the box more than what came in it!


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