Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mother's Day gift ideas for MEN that will make you look like a superhero

Dear Men of The World,

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. The time of year when ladies across the world expect much and you men of young children procrastinate decisions regarding just HOW to help their kiddos honor their mothers.  Wipe those sweaty palms gentleman. We are here to help. All your child’s mother wants is to be recognized and appreciated. There are simple ways to do this effectively and creatively….here are a few!

·      Take over for a day. Completely. A mother often is the planner of the day and this job encompasses more than you likely realize. Making decisions. Packing bags. Thinking about dinner hours before it’s on anyone else’s mind. Making appointments. Making sure the jersey for tomorrows game is washed today. A mother’s job requires pre planning, organization, and energy. Take those responsibilities away for the day and do it for her! I know it sounds daunting but I’m sure she’ll be happy to provide you a handy list of details to make it possible. Don’t forget dinner!

·      Make spa day appointments. Book her a massage. Or facial. Or pedicure. Or all three. Drive her there and pick her up. Or better yet, surprise her by having her own mother or best friend pick her up and pay for them both to go to lunch!

·      Leave! Take the kids out for a few hours and leave her with some new bath salts, take out lunch, and a good book. Encourage her to treat herself to a nap.

·      Hire a cleaning service! Even if it is only for one day she will adore you as if you’ve presented her with Angelina’s new rare diamond. Trust me. Mother’s dream about this.

·      You can never go wrong with jewelry. Especially something she’s had an eye on for a while. Not sure what she likes? Ask her best friend. She will know. 

·      Write a letter. I know men often have trouble expressing themselves but take your time and let her know how much you appreciate all she does for your family. List details.  She’ll love you for noticing.

·      Have your kids write a similar letter. If they can’t write, ask them questions and fill in the blank for them. This is often sweet and hilarious. “I love my Mommy because…….My Mommy is really good at…….. My Mommy always says……….” You get the picture. You can even frame the answers.

·      Book a photo session. This woman is the rock of your family. Nothing will warm her heart as much as memories of the people she loves the most.

·      Truth be told, most women appreciate the effort but don’t like you to pick out clothes for them. I know you don’t understand because you simply go into a store and pick up a pair of jeans in your width and length, but it’s not that easy for us…we have…curves. That being said, we often need new clothes that don’t have baby puke stains, holes, or aren’t stretched out and worn. Buy a gift card to her favorite clothing store, hand her a fresh cup of coffee to go, and give her the afternoon to herself.  

·      Splurge and book a night away. It doesn’t have to be far away or extravagant. And you know whether she’d appreciate going as a family, with just you, or with her friends or by herself!

·      Finish the “honey do” list without the nagging. We really don’t enjoy nagging, and nothing is more attractive than a guy unloading the dishwasher or fixing something on the list without being asked.

There you go! Pick one. Pick a few. You can thank me later, but trust me now. If you let the appreciation you have for the woman in your house be shown in these or other concrete examples of appreciation, you can’t go wrong!  And you know what they say….if Mom is happy…everyone else is too! Grab your super hero cape & happy planning!  And's only a few weeks until Father's Day!


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