Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sometimes our kids need us to just be a kid with them. My Dad is a big kid.  Growing up, he was the Dad that dressed up with us for Halloween, let me paint his toenails, and took my friends to ride the merry-go-round and bought us ice cream when we were supposed to be touring the Smithsonian. I think I get my tendency to be silly and playful from him, but I have to admit, I think it’s harder for me at times to put away the paperwork, not answer the phone, and stop picking up than it was for him. When I can talk myself into “letting it go” I find I enjoy my daughters so much more and can let me creative side come through. This morning we woke up to a few inches of snow and school was canceled. SNOW DAY! Right? Wrong. Leila Grace (our youngest) spent all night vomiting and we spent all night, well, cleaning up sheets, towels, and Leila Grace! She was tired and clingy this morning. Her sister was ready to go, but being potentially exposed could not have anyone over or go anywhere to play. I ended up with two disappointed kids feeling jailed from the freedom of playing outside and sledding down our hill!  Before my sweet husband left for work, he brought Leila Grace a bucket of snow to play with in the bathtub and it made her morning a little more tolerable. It made me smile. Sometimes life is not always about the ability to catch that perfect snowflake on your tongue (although I do love to do that!).  At times you have to bring the snow to you!  How are you spending your snowy day? Pull out that favorite board game, look at old pictures, turn up the music and dance, or make the silliest snowman you can (even if it’s in your tub!)  Here are a few pictures of my Dad and my husband just being kids with my kids last year during the blizzard.  Hoping that you enjoy some childlike memories of your own today!


Fay said...

"Bring the snow to you!" What a great metaphor and reminder of the importance of taking time to have fun with our children--and grandchildren! Lucky are the children whose lives and hearts you touch!

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